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Magic Circle Level 1 - Manual - Interactive PDF

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What's Inside:


  • Over 30 Pilates based beginners and intermediate exercises with variations, progressions, modification and adaptations.
  • All exercises with step by step pictures - over 80 photos 
  • Every main exercise supported by video
  • Library of the Magic Circle exercises with a preparatory, main and closing phase
  • Stretching routines
  • Each exercise contains many variations to teach a wider range of clients at any fitness level and ability
  • Each exercise contains purpose and benefits of the exercise
  • And many useful teaching points, progressions, adaptations and modifications



This is a digital download - After your purchase, you will be able to download this manual in the form of interactive PDF to watch on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

To fully enjoy all the features of the manual please make sure you are using up to date PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, Apple Books or similar.

Customer Reviews

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Life before the Manual wasn't a real life ;)

This Manual is THE BEST! You don't need to be a pilates pro to use it, and it is even better if you are a beginner because you can learn proper form while you're exercising. And avoiding mistakes will prevent you from injuries. So grab your copy now and lets Magic (circle) begins :)

Magic Circle Manual 1

Love this manual. It's so easy to follow & use. I particularly like the short videos, the break down of the moves, information about the muscles involved & their purpose. Its one of the best publications I have used. Can"t wait to get back to teaching in our studio so I can use this information to help our clients get the most out of this piece of equipment & ultimately improve their pilates practise.Thank you

Magic Circle 1

Agi’s magic circle manual gives clear instructions. The interactive sections allow you to be more able to get your position correct. I also welcome the information showing the muscle group being used in the exercises.

What an amazing resource!

This manual is so rich in ideas and so clearly set out. I am a student of Pilates and I find this so incredibly inspiring. I imagine it is be a must have resource for a teacher that could form the basis of many classes. Having joined Agi for her classes I know how enjoyable these are. They work for all levels and are flowing and fun. She has put all her experience and experience into this manual. Everything is carefully explained with descriptions, images and...most importantly.. videos! And the added extra is how Agi has created examples of how the moves can flow together. To be able to buy an interactive resource crafted to this standard at such a reasonable price is incredible! It allows me to practise when I want and see clearly in the videos how to move. Really great!

Magic Circle manual 1

We like the layout with its good descriptions of the moves followed by the illustrations which act as an easy reference while doing the moves.
The videos demonstrate each move to clarify and reinforce understanding.
The manual gives us confidence to practice moves outside of classes.
The manuals reflect Agi’s approach to classes, giving clear instruction with attention to detail and identifying the targeted areas.