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Foam Roller Level 2 - Manual - Interactive PDF

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What's Inside:


  • Over 30 Pilates based intermediate and advanced exercises with variations, progressions, modification and adaptations.
  • All exercises with step by step pictures - over 80 photos 
  • Every main exercise supported by video - 30 videos
  • Library of the foam roller exercises with a preparatory, main and closing phase
  • Stretching routines
  • Each exercise contains many variations to teach a wider range of clients at any fitness level and abilit
  • Each exercise contains purpose and benefits of the exercise
  • And many useful teaching points, progressions, adaptations and modifications


About the roller - I am using here 90cm long foam roller however for more than 90% of the exercises contained here you can also use 60cm long roller


This is a digital download - After your purchase, you will be able to download this manual in the form of interactive PDF to watch on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

To fully enjoy all the features of the manual please make sure you are using up to date PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, Apple Books or similar.




Customer Reviews

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Another inspiring manual!

Agi's first manual had so many imaginative ideas for using foam rollers and this second one is just as rich. Agi is has put the same thought and clarity into this manual. The photos and descriptions are extremely easy to follow. The interactive videos help so much. As a student of Pilates, it is really helpful to see what muscle groups are being worked. It allows me to train on my own and target areas. I imagine a teacher would find this a very helpful resource for teaching. Agi even gives ideas on how to put together a flowing sequence for classes. Agi has so many original ideas for using a foam roller that work!

Foam roller level 2

Another great resource. Although we can only aspire to some of the moves we feel safely led to go as far as we can.

Foam Roller

I have both of Agi’s foam roller manuals they are very easy to follow, giving very clear instructions. The manuals works on different areas of the body and the interactive sections are a real bonus. I recommend the manuals and love using the foam roller.

Foam roller manuals

I have both of Agi’s foam roller manuals, they are excellent, comprehensive and creative. Thank you Agi!

Thanks for the good manual book

Thanks for the good manual book
It helps me a lot