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Monthly Mentoring Pilates Program

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What’s included:

  • Weekly online Zoom sessions- 4 one-to-one meetings

- designed to meet your unique needs, if you have a specific goals or issues to overcome, if you want to increase your skills before joining a group class or if you simply require extra motivation

- perfect if you are new to Pilates, return from injuries, balancing a training loads or just looking for individual approach

- can be design for all levels- beginners to advanced

  • Every week you will receive videos/workouts suggestions to work during the week
  • You can also receive a free access to all live zoom group classes

What can you expect from the Monthly Mentoring Pilates Program?

As the program is 100% tailored to you it is therefore designed to take into account, and suit, your current level of experience.

Through an initial consultation stage, a training program will be designed for you, which will be reviewed every week, to check its ongoing suitability, and to make any necessary changes in strategy.

You will receive a tailored program that is designed to suit your lifestyle, goals and needs.

Your training package will be modified as your performance progresses.  This will help ensure that you move toward your goals in an achievable and manageable way that you are comfortable with, but which also challenge you.

The training routines consist of:

* Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates

* Pilates with Small Props, and

* Powerful Pilates HIIT (high-intensity interval training) inspired workouts.

 If you suffer from any particular problems, like issues with your back, knees, or hips, the training program will specially select exercises and routines designed with those in mind. 

I Don’t go to a gym so how can I undertake the training?
I understand that not everyone has an access to a commercial gym, nor even wants to join a gym to exercise.  The good news is that you can do the training from the comfort of your own home and at a time which suits you and your family’s timetable.  The program caters for, and is designed to suit, any facilities or equipment that are available to you in your home, even if you have no equipment at all.  Through an initial consultation questionnaire we will gather details of the space, facilities and equipment that are available to you. You will, however, need access to a computer/electronic device and email.  As we also use Zoom for our coaching and face-to-face sessions with you, you will need to download this application to your computer/electronic device.
Note: To reach some goals may require access to certain equipment and/or facilities. We will accommodate what is available to you as best as possible and make any recommendations that we strongly believe will help.

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