Claim your free gift worth £40 when you sign up to any Fit2Food Program
Claim your free gift worth £40 when you sign up to any Fit2Food Program
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Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package
Equitness Pilates

Fit2Food 30 days VIP Package

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Do you want to develop both your physical fitness and overall health, and have some fun along the way, but lack the focus and guidance to get started? 

Then 2 Pilates Instructors and Nutrition specialists Agi Falenta and Paola Simboli, are here to help you achieve that.  At FIT2FOOD Program we will put you ‘front and centre’ to help you achieve your goals.  We are 2 individuals who have many years of training and experience in fitness and nutrition.

We have combined our skills and devised a fitness and nutrition program that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. 


Why should you choose the FIT2FOOD program?


The Training Element of FIT2FOOD

Using Pilates as the core route, try out new routines and creative workouts every day to suit your current and improving fitness levels. 

By applying the Pilates principles you can:

  • have fun with fitness,
  • gain a stronger and more flexible body,
  • return to training after an injury, in a safe and effective way,
  • improve your general athletic performance and recovery time,
  • feel and look better by “getting in shape”, “toning up”, gain more energy and vitality, manage weight loss,
  • develop better muscle definition and build strength.

The Nutritional Element of FIT2FOOD
By understanding your nutritional needs we will work together to:

  • help you get into regular and sustainable healthy-living habits,
  • help you improve your health markers (e.g. blood cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose control),
  • help you have a better relationship with food,
  • help you manage unwanted eating patterns, such as emotional eating,
  • help you to sleep better, recover and feel more refreshed.


The nutritional element of FIT2FOOD can also dedicate itself to special, though common, health issues and challenges, such as:

  • injuries and inflammation,
  • food sensitivities,
  • special conditions, like pregnancy, hormonal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome,
  • ageing (children, teenagers, menopause, andropause),
  • disordered eating,
  • dietary lifestyles like vegan, vegetarian, gluten free.


What can you expect from the FIT2FOOD Training & Nutrition Program?

As the program is 100% tailored to you it is therefore designed to take into account, and suit, your current level of experience.

Through an initial consultation stage, a training and nutrition program will be designed for you, which will be reviewed every 4 weeks, to check its ongoing suitability, and to make any necessary changes in strategy.

You will receive a tailored diet that is designed to suit your lifestyle, goals and nutritional needs.

Your training package will be modified as your performance progresses.  This will help ensure that you move toward your goals in an achievable and manageable way that you are comfortable with, but which also challenge you.

The training routines consist of:

(i) Classical Pilates,

(ii) Pilates with Small Props, and

(iii) Powerful Pilates HIIT (high-intensity interval training) inspired workouts.


If you suffer from any particular problems, like issues with your back, knees, or hips, the training program will specially select exercises and routines designed with those in mind.

I Don’t go to a gym so how can I undertake the training?
We understand that not everyone has an access to a commercial gym, nor even wants to join a gym to exercise.  The good news is that you can do the training from the comfort of your own home and at a time which suits you and your family’s timetable.  The program caters for, and is designed to suit, any facilities or equipment that are available to you in your home, even if you have no equipment at all.  Through an initial consultation questionnaire we will gather details of the space, facilities and equipment that are available to you. You will, however, need access to a computer/electronic device and email.  As we also use Zoom for our coaching and face-to-face sessions with you, you will need to download this application to your computer/electronic device.
Note: To reach some goals may require access to certain equipment and/or facilities. We will accommodate what is available to you as best as possible and make any recommendations that we strongly believe will help.


As mentioned earlier our intention is to put you ‘front and centre’ to help you achieve your goals – therefore you are our VIP.  

There are 2 packages available to our VIPs.  Each package is designed to suit how many days you can commit to training, whether that be as few as 3 days per week, or as many as daily.  We will suggest to you how many days we feel are required and appropriate, based on your desired goals, your training history and your current fitness level.

When you purchase your VIP package you will receive an email containing all the information and details needed to get you started, which will include a slot for an initial face to face private Zoom meeting so we can get to know you better.


FIT2FOOD 30 Day VIP Training and Nutrition Package £180

The 30 Day Nutrition package includes:

  1. A 30 min Zoom coaching session – to support the initial assessment stage
  2. Data gathering, analysis, questionnaire and case study via email
  3. A 30 min Zoom coaching session to discuss any Q&As you may have
  4. A tailored Nutrition Plan
  5. Email support throughout the period*

The 30 Day Training package includes:

  1. A 30 min Zoom coaching session – to support the initial assessment stage
  2. A tailored Training Plan based on your current fitness level, your goals and preferences
  3. Free 24/7 access to the Equitness Pilates online studio
  4. Email support throughout the period*

* Email support: Once a week. We are aiming to answer all queries as soon as possible. Due to different time zones it may take a few hours to response.

Payment: One off, non-returnable payment to cover 30 or 90 day package.

Start day: Period of 30 / 90 days will start after the initial consultation and package preparations. As every package is especially tailored to your needs, it may takes up to 7 days after purchase to prepare all nutrition and training plan. Once you have all the materials emailed to you your plan will commence.

90 Day VIP Package also available!!

Want more details, or to chat further to us before you sign up? Contact us on:

Agi: (Training questions)

Paola: (Nutrition)