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Fascia - The bands that bind us - Zoom online workshop recorded in HD on 13th Feb 2021

You might have heard about the "Fascia" a lot as fascia became a very trendy word lately. But why? What is so special about it?

The Fascia Research Society states, “Fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. No longer considered the ‘scraps’ of cadaver dissections, fascia has now attracted the attention of scientists and clinicians alike.”

What is fascia and where in our body we can find it? Plainly said, it is literally everywhere - it is a glorious connective tissue throughout our whole body.

In this workshop we will find out what actually fascia is, what is the difference between the fascia stretch and a classical stretching. We will also focus on the benefits of the fascia stretch and will find out why we should do it everyday.

So, I will share with you what the "big trend" secret is and we will discover and work on the fascia stretch benefits together.

Few key benefits of the Fascia Stretch :

Reunite with your body.
Feel re-energised by full body awakening.
Feel more flexible and open.
Increase muscle performance and connection.
Achieve better sleep, digestion and feel uplifted.
Help with joints stiffness and tackle some pain causes.

Workshop suitable for everybody: teachers, students, advanced, beginners or just curious...

For this workshop we will need a mat, cushion or yoga block and water to stay hydrated. I will also demonstrate how to stretch fascia with the help of simple Pilates props like elastic band or magic circle.
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Fantastic Resource

Really well written, with clear diagrams and demonstrations. It’s given me lots of material to use in my classes.

Another excellent Manual

Another demonstration of the great creativity and geniality of Agi.
A special guide for everyone who loves Pilates!!!!

Libro muy práctico

Es un excelente libro al qeu le puedes sacar mucho partido tanto para la práctica personal como profesional.

Excellent eBook!!

Excellent content and excellent job! I love it. A lot of exercises and ideas. Very complete book with references to anotomy guide of muscles and video tutorials. I completely recommed the book!

Just great !

lots of ideas - not only for myself but also new impulses for my classes! i can only recommend your manuals ! and i'm fan of your work Agi !!

Functional Pilates with Resistant Band - Free Demo E-Book
ruth reed

It looks great and love all the moves but would really love it in a hard copy , too hard to follow on my phone , so hopefully you bring out a book , I’d definitely purchase

Great job and easy ways to sequence

Simply amazing

Beautifully organized, clear, and most importantly beautiful set of exercices! Can't wait to get your new books!

What can I say?

Fantastic resource. With easy to follow adaptations and different exercises. Clear and concise.

Functional Pilaties

Great book. Illustrations are fabulous. Really like the diagrams showing the muscles being used. Love the variation in levels of difficulty. Well done Agi.

A versatile guide to stretching.

I have finished reading through it. I really like the chillies as they give a good idea of the effort and ability required. Great photos and illustrations. It is nice to know that we have been doing it right. The video links are working well and are excellent illustrations of what to do. Great job guys. X

Life before the Manual wasn't a real life part 2 ;)

The second Magic Circle Manual is as good as the first one. I really love to use it. And every time I'm not sure if I am exercising right, I can watch a quick how-to video and everything is clear (it's SO helpful). Even now I can't resist my Magic Circle, so today I'll definitely work with Agi :)

Life before the Manual wasn't a real life ;)

This Manual is THE BEST! You don't need to be a pilates pro to use it, and it is even better if you are a beginner because you can learn proper form while you're exercising. And avoiding mistakes will prevent you from injuries. So grab your copy now and lets Magic (circle) begins :)

Magic Circle Manual 1

Love this manual. It's so easy to follow & use. I particularly like the short videos, the break down of the moves, information about the muscles involved & their purpose. Its one of the best publications I have used. Can"t wait to get back to teaching in our studio so I can use this information to help our clients get the most out of this piece of equipment & ultimately improve their pilates practise.Thank you

Magic circle

Great manuals. Full of information and excellent exercises. The manuals gives different levels in the exercises making it easy to find the level that is best.

Another great resource

A well laid out interactive manual, with lots of clear examples that utilise the benefits of the magic circle. It starts off with relatively easy work for beginners then builds to more challenging efforts for more advanced practitioners. There is also advice for anyone wanting to build up their own routines.

Magic Circle 1

Agi’s magic circle manual gives clear instructions. The interactive sections allow you to be more able to get your position correct. I also welcome the information showing the muscle group being used in the exercises.

Foam Roller, it's a fantastic journey with Agi's interactive workout book.

Agi is so knowledgeable about pilates, she lives and breathes it. You can to, going to a class and even online we sometimes miss the importance of the streach you are working on. With this booklet you can reinforced your knowledge or even as a novice start to understand why and how to play with the roller and the varations you can work towards. Easy to follow, clear instruction. Can't wait for more.

Another inspiring manual!

Agi's first manual had so many imaginative ideas for using foam rollers and this second one is just as rich. Agi is has put the same thought and clarity into this manual. The photos and descriptions are extremely easy to follow. The interactive videos help so much. As a student of Pilates, it is really helpful to see what muscle groups are being worked. It allows me to train on my own and target areas. I imagine a teacher would find this a very helpful resource for teaching. Agi even gives ideas on how to put together a flowing sequence for classes. Agi has so many original ideas for using a foam roller that work!

So detailed and so clear!

Agi's imaginative ideas for using foam rollers are second to none. Agi is an inspirational teacher and she has put so much thought and clarity into this manual. As a student I find the photos and descriptions extremely easy to follow. The interactive videos add another dimension. If I were a teacher, I'd find such a manual invaluable. Agi has so many ideas on how to use a foam train but find it fun and flowing at the same time, whatever your level. A great resource!

What an amazing resource!

This manual is so rich in ideas and so clearly set out. I am a student of Pilates and I find this so incredibly inspiring. I imagine it is be a must have resource for a teacher that could form the basis of many classes. Having joined Agi for her classes I know how enjoyable these are. They work for all levels and are flowing and fun. She has put all her experience and experience into this manual. Everything is carefully explained with descriptions, images and...most importantly.. videos! And the added extra is how Agi has created examples of how the moves can flow together. To be able to buy an interactive resource crafted to this standard at such a reasonable price is incredible! It allows me to practise when I want and see clearly in the videos how to move. Really great!

Foam roller level 2

Another great resource. Although we can only aspire to some of the moves we feel safely led to go as far as we can.

Foam roller level 1

Great layout. The instructions are given clearly and the excellent videos demonstrate the movements beautifully.
We like the boxes that list targeted muscle groups. These make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Magic Circle manual 1

We like the layout with its good descriptions of the moves followed by the illustrations which act as an easy reference while doing the moves.
The videos demonstrate each move to clarify and reinforce understanding.
The manual gives us confidence to practice moves outside of classes.
The manuals reflect Agi’s approach to classes, giving clear instruction with attention to detail and identifying the targeted areas.

Foam Roller

I have both of Agi’s foam roller manuals they are very easy to follow, giving very clear instructions. The manuals works on different areas of the body and the interactive sections are a real bonus. I recommend the manuals and love using the foam roller.